Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thirty Years?

Some scientists say we only have about 30 years left before the hurricanes, tidal waves, earthquakes and other "Natural" disasters destroy our environment so badly that millions will die, this all being a result of global warming.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to study the history of medieval medicine, smoke large amounts of marijuana, travel a lot; both in these states and beyond. I'm going to have orgies to shame the Romans and garden tea parties on Saturday afternoons. Going to eat a lot of bacon. And cheese. There are some 60's undergrounds I haven't read yet, along with the remainder of Thorndike's History of Magic and Experimental Science, some more Sturgeon, more Disch. I'll go swimming in the Atlantic and mock it for not killing me when it had the chance. And I think I'll be spending Halloween in New Orleans from now on, and Christmas in Saudi Arabia, Arbor Day in Bloomfield, NJ.

When the shit of the world hits the fan I'll be around 75, which is a stretch anyway. So tonight I'm going to party like it's 2039...


  1. Jed,
    May you do all the above and come out residing in a parallel reality of radiant health and the real estate of your choosing come 2039...